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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Cutest Pup Contest!!

A few days ago I was surfing the web, looking at online shops for all the cutest couture puppy clothes, accessories, beds, etc. when I ran across an ad for an Online Photo Contest for the Cutest Puppy for the month of July. I thought how fun it would be to enter my 20 week old Chihuahua named Diva. Her name says it all! She is such a little Diva. I picked her up from the pet store two months ago and I still hadn't picked out a name! The clerk told me that she is such a little Diva, always rough housing with her two older and bigger brothers, and the name stuck  :-)

In the short time I have had Diva, she has became part of my family, part of me. She was the runt of the litter so she is tiny (under 2 pounds), she is absolutely adorable, and the cutest little puppy ever. She loves playing outside, going for walks, and she is definitely spoiled. Shouldn't every dog be? I even glue Swarovski crystals to almost every piece of doggy clothing she owns. In short, I am a very dedicated owner.

So today was the start of the contest. I had created a facebook event a few days ago so my friends and family wouldn't forget to vote. I spent countless hours today at the computer telling all of my friends online to vote. She was in 1st place with almost half of the votes! I was tired of staring at the computer all day, so I took a short break. Only a few hours had passed, and she had dropped to second place.

I felt so upset that I had spent so much time on the computer, and with only an hour or two away, she wasn't winning, but, it's only the first day of the contest, there is a lot more time to catch back up. Actually this specific contest runs for one month, from June 29 2011 to July 28th 2011. But some part of me is thinking that there must be some other way to get more votes. So I decided to write a blog about it.

Diva deserves to win this contest because she is truly an amazing pup! She is always decked out in the cutest puppy apparel, stoned to the gods with Swarovski crystals! She has the kindest heart, always playing with our Maine Coon kitten. She loves giving kisses, almost licking your face right off, haha, and just loves all the attention she can get! But mostly why I think that she should win, is because the stereotype of Chihuahuas, being mean and nippy, is absolutely not true. Yes, some Chihuahuas do Bite and Snarl, but that is a complete misconception. It has completely to do with how the pup was raised. And Diva was raised with much love and care.

Some of you must be thinking why do I want her to win so bad, what is in it for me. Well for this particular photo contest, all the prize package consists of is a bandanna with her name on it, and the honor of being named the Cutest Puppy for the Month of July on www.cutepuppypicture.com 

All you have to do to vote is go to www.cutepuppypicture.com and scroll to the right of the screen, click on DIVA, and Submit your Vote. Every Vote Counts!

Tell your friends if you would like, and lets get Diva back to the Top!!!

I would like to thank all of you who have voted, those of you who will, and if you don't vote, there must be a good enough reason not to devote 5 seconds of your time to do so.