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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Does your cute dog shine like a Diamond? Enter our monthly contest, and they might just be Diva's next Diamond Dog!!

Hello everyone It has been a couple of weeks since I have posted, so Ill update you on all of the great news!!

First of All, I have a wonderful parent who adores me so much, I go almost everywhere with him! A few weeks ago I was up quite early with him having coffee (well he was having coffee, I was just sitting on his lap surfin the web with him). We were lookin for some clothes that were small enough to fit me when we ran accross an advertisement for a cute puppy contest online! We immediately aggreed on how fun this could be if I competed. I have never been in a contest before, what FUN!!!

As of today, Sunday July 17, 2011 I am in first place!!! So thank you to all of my supporters who have been voting this month!! 

I have 727 Votes, and I am in the Lead by 269 Votes!! Yay!!!

This contest lasts for a month and ends July 28th. We have been having such a blast!! We Have made it a routine! Every Morning I wake him up by barking, even though I'm under 2 lbs, I still pack a loud bark, it works every time!! Next he goes potty in his Daddy potty and I go potty on my potty pad. He gets his Coffee (smells terrible if you ask me), and then we go sit at the computer and check the polls for the day! It is so exciting to see how far all of my supporters have gotten me! 

We have been having so much fun it gave me a great thought! I told my Daddy that we should make our own Contest, and have a prize, this way we can share the fun that we have been having and also give other canines the chance to be a winner!

It was settled, we shall have a contest!!

My daddy, bless his heart, made an entire website to host the contest. It has a daily voting contest poll, pictures of really cute animals, a winners circle which will house all of the winners pictures for a year, a forum where you can chat with all of the other cute doggys in the contest as well as friends, even music!!

And to top it all off, he is even devoting some of his earnings from his work place towards the prize, which will be a Blue Rosette Ribbon in which my dad is going to embellish with Genuine Swarovski Crystal Rhinestones spelling the winners name, which he is a pro at stoning! In addition, we are also printing off a Certificate for the winner!

The only requirements are:

  1. You must live in the USA
  2. The animal must be a dog (of any age)
  3. It must be your pet, or have permission from the owner to submit the photo! 

We are wishing Good Luck to Everyone!

There will be a Cat contest coming soon!

Just go to www.wix.com/divalavega/diamonds to Enter!!

Thanks again to all who have been supporting me, and if you have a cute pup, enter the contest! They Might just be Diva's Diamond Dog!!


  1. OMD, such BIG cuteness in such a tiny dog! I'm glad I hopped by to meet you, Diva!

  2. Good luck! I hope you win Diva!